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Project Management, Team Working Together

Helping You Succeed With Your Project

Project Management Advice and Skill Development Specifically for Executives and Professionals in Human Resources and Other Corporate Support Functions

Practical Solutions for Demanding Challenges

Effective project management leads directly to desired business results.
We work with HR and corporate support groups to enhance
project management skills through training, coaching, and partnering.  

Want to know why projects fail? You'll find some of the answers here.

Project Examples

You might be thinking that you don't do projects. We'll bet you do! See if these real life situations sound familiar.

White Papers

Looking for a deeper discussion of how project managment can help HR and OD professionals? Check out our White Papers.

Our Services
Project Management, Instructor Led Training
Project Management Team Workshop
Project Management Coaching Consulting
HR & OD Project Management Classes 

We offer four general project management classes and seven specific topic classes to enhance your project management knowledge and skills.

Facilitated Workshops for Project Teams

Our workshops improve the ongoing performance of actual project teams and other key stakeholders prior to the commencement of the project or during its operation.

Coaching & Consulting for Executive Sponsors and Project Managers


Our coaching sessions are less formal than our classes and workshops. We address the client’s immediate needs and devise a customized plan for success.

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If everyone...
is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford
Project Management, Successful Team
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