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White Papers

Here, you'll find brief discussions of specific project management topics. White Papers give more detail about the subject than is found in a blog article and less than an e-book. They are available free of charge and may be distributed to other interested readers. Copyright remains with Successful Project Consulting, LLC. Click on the PDF links that follow to read more about these topics.
How to Suceed With HR Projects 
An overview of Project Management (PM) as applied to Human Resource administration.
Introduction of PM to HR professionals with focus on how PM methodology can help them and how they can apply HR skills to technical projects. 

Why Projects Fail 

A summary of the five principal reasons that project may fail.
Understanding the risk of project failure can help project leaders and stakeholders take action to avoid, or at least mitigate, the negative effects of failure on part, or all of a project.

Project Management Planning Checklist  
A check list for project managers and team members to ensure all major process steps are considered in a project.

Ensures that no major element of a project management has not been considered and avoids the resultant problems.

Benefits Realization Management: What is it? Why is it important?  

An introduction to the purpose of benefits realization for the ultimate success of a project. Key roles and tools are identified.

Realizing the benefits derived from the practical use of a project’s deliverable is the real key to success; learning to use financial and non-financial tools to measure the derived benefits shows the worthiness of the project to the stakeholders.

How HR Can Contribute to Technical Projects  

Explains the assistance HR professionals can provide technical project managers to be successful in dealing with people – team members and other stakeholders – in succeeding with their projects.

People support or hinder project outcomes.  HR has developed practices and expertise that can help even the most complex technical, scientific or engineering project be successful.

Structuring Work: Project Management for Everyone 


An overview of the concept of structuring work for one-person projects.

Individual contributions that involve unique task attainment can benefit from applying project management processes, tools and techniques even though there is likely to be limited stakeholder engagement. 

Project managers should conduct a risk assessment workshop early in the life of a project to allow key stakeholders to explore the potential issues and gain support for possible changes as the project develops.


Conflict Styles for HR Professionals

An introduction to conflict styles in the workplace.

Any time people work together toward a goal in a complex situation, there likely will be conflict. Here are the most common ways people approach conflict and some suggestions for how to survive it.

Harassment and Assault, Discrimination, and Bullying (HDB)

An organizational solution for harassment in the workplace.


Years of training throughout the business world hasn't stopped sexual harassment. This 10-point cultural change plan provides a starting point for meaningful work on this serious problem.

Project Health Check

A quick assessment of your project.

Use this simple checklist to see if you have all of the necessary supports in place for your project to be successful.


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