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Successful projects require leadership and the support of knowledgeable and skilled project sponsors, managers and team members. Successful projects must be:

• Benefit-focused: Deliver products that produce desired business results.
• Effective: Provide the product as specified in the requirements plan.
• Efficient: Use no more than the allocated resources.

We offer three services to help project leaders be successful. Our training programs, facilitated workshops, and coaching sessions are structured to satisfy the above criteria. The programs and workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. 

Our services are designed primarily for HR and OD project needs; however, with a little adaption they can address the challenges of other corporate functions like marketing, legal, finance, or  information technology. 

If you are interested in attending any of our training sessions, please contact us for more information on how to register.

Training Programs

We offer four general courses to enhance project management knowledge and skills.


Please contact us for program dates and registration information.

Harnessing the Power of Projects - Executive Sponsorship

For executives, project sponsors, and project managers: Learn to use project management as a strategic management tool and ensure that your project sponsor understands the importance of their role.  (4 hrs)

Succeed With Projects

For project stakeholders, subject matter experts, less experienced project managers, project team members: Acquire an overview of what is involved in successful project management.  (1 day)

Focused Project Management

For project managers: Learn basic project management skills, or enhance your existing skills.  (2-3 days)

Structuring Work

For leaders of mini-projects and individual task contributors: Sometimes, even when the project is small, time management just isn't enough. Learn how to use simple, streamlined project management techniques to ensure your next small project is a success.  (4-6.5 hrs)

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Facilitated Team Workshops

Our workshops improve the ongoing performance of working project teams and other key stakeholders prior to the commencement of the project or during its operation.


Please contact us to schedule workshops customized to your team's needs.

Specialized Topic Workshops

  • Business Benefits Analysis Workshop

  • Product or Service Requirements Analysis Workshop 

  • Risk Assessment Workshop

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Workshop 

  • Communication Planning Workshop

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Coaching & Consulting

When you hire us for coaching and consulting, we customize our services to your specific needs. 


We can help you solve current project managment problems and avoid future project-related issues through coaching and counseling for individuals and groups.


Our coaching sessions are less formally structured than our training programs and workshops, so we can address your immediate needs more effectively.

We can help you implement project management methodologies, tools, and techniques, or provide the opportunity for team members to marshal their emotional strength as project leaders during times of conflict.

The sessions for individuals can be conducted remotely but group discussions tend to deliver better results when all team members are in the same room.

Please contact us for information on how to schedule coaching and training sessions.

Types of Issues that are Amenable to Coaching and Consulting


Running Out of Time  
“We are falling behind schedule even though we have detailed schedules.”

Unidentified Risk
“I didn't anticipate that the city council would turn down our application. It's such an obvious benefit!”

Scope Creep
“The customer keeps demanding new product features without providing any more money!”

Budget Overrun 
"We're 30% into the project, but we've used 75% of the budget. Technical support was so much more than expensive than we expected.”

Stakeholder Commitment
“The administrative services department is hostile to the project. We never thought it was important to them, so we didn't consider their reactions.”

Planning Integration
“The time estimates don't align with the budget plan. The project manager is having trouble getting the finance department to cooperate.”

Limited Project Management Support 
“I took on the job of being the project sponsor but I never realized what it entailed. The project manager keeps asking for support that I haven’t got time to give her.”

“I'm a great technical person but as a project manager I don’t know how to handle the differences of opinion and outright anger among the stakeholders, over managing priorities.”

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